“Where's the street-wise Hercules To fight the rising odds?”

Be that hero, now is your chance! Everyone has that special power running in their veins, bursting to be set free. Some might have to dig a little deeper than others, but there is still a perfect Hero in all of us. You, valued member of our special and not-so-inconspicuous club, are invited to release your heroic mad skills at a villain-defeating 5km fun run alongside Rapsman from Radio Raps.

Meet up with fellow heroes, bring your DNA enhanced mini-me’s and put your best foot forward for a super day jam-packed with activities for everyone to enjoy. From live entertainment (because no Hero can be a Hero without a theme song playing in the background) to children’s activities and all the water stops in between, we have you covered to look your best while kicking Activation-butt!

Your effort, should you choose to put it in, will help those who are calling out with real need. Heroes unite to put a buck together for people who require a valiant boost! Join us for a great day filled with dodging, diving and simply being awesome for a great cause!


Hero Activations at the venue

  • Mini-Me’s Area with jumping castles, face painting and more! (Adult Supervision)
  • Live music on stage from 15h00 till 22h00 pm
  • Beer garden
  • VIP area

Heroes Assemble!

Show your true grit in this super 5km fun run!

Date: 14 April 2018
Venue: PHSOB Club
Race starts at 17h00
Gates open at 13h00
Lollos will perform at 15h00 for the kids

Hero Activations on route

  • Tread the Coloured foam
  • Dodge the Nasty Slime
  • Survive the Colour Powder
  • Hero Obstacle Inflatables
  • Live music on route to keep you moving
  • Water Points all over! Phew!


  • Lollos for the kids
  • 80's DJ music party
  • Robbie Wessels
  • Muzik Kids


Without these super sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to host our gallant event. Please put your supersonic cheers together for them!


Caring Daisies is our charity of choice. R50 of each adult ticket sold, R25 of each kids ticket under 18 sold and a R100 of each VIP ticket sold will be donated to Caring Daisies


Your entry into our brave event is super important, without it you will not be able to rank amongst all the other outstanding citizens joining us for this good cause. Please see how you can buy your ticket so that you won’t miss out on the special occasion!

Tickets available from Wednesday 16 August at iTickets

Click on the itickets logo to purchase your tickets

Ticket Prices

Heroic Adults: R150-00
Mini- Me’s under 18: R90-00
Tiny Mini-Me under 5 for free

  • Family of 4 Package!


No Hero is heroic if they simply do whatever they want. Please activate all special abilities when reading through this list to make sure that your fellow Heroes won’t accidentally identify you as the baddy on the day!

  • Please come dressed in your best Super Hero outfit, whether unique or not. This is a dress-up party!
  • No Blades, Bicycles or Skateboards will be allowed on the premises or during the race.
  • Parents with prams are welcome, this is a family event!
  • Animals will be allowed on these premises.
  • No Alcohol or food will be allowed in at the gate. Please visit our beer garden, and other food stalls on the day.
  • Water bottles will be allowed during the race.
  • Right of admission reserved.
  • The 5km is for everyone! All ages are welcome! The time limit is n 1hour 20 minutes
  • All participants must be medically fit.
  • The race strictly starts at 17h00 and time allowed to complete the race for both distances will be 2hours.
  • Race numbers must be worn during the race. Feel free to remove your race number at completion of race.



  • 378 Queen's Cres, Lynnwood, Pretoria